CCLP Opposes DOJ’s Proposed Elimination of Questions on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in National Crime Victimization Survey

Today, the Center for Children’s Law and Policy submitted comments to the Bureau of Justice Statistics at the U.S. Department of Justice opposing the agency’s proposal to rescind questions in the National Crime Victimization Survey that allow youth to identify their sexual orientation and gender identity. As CCLP notes in its comment, “these questions are vital to obtaining an accurate national picture of victimization of LGBT youth. This information is critical to ensuring that every LGBT youth is afforded the same protections, services, and respect that other youth across the country receive.” You can read more about the proposed change and learn how to submit comments here:


CCLP Trains New York State Officials on Dynamics of Sexual Abuse of Youth in Custody

Thank you to officials at the New York State Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs for the opportunity to train staff on the dynamics of sexual abuse of youth in custody. To learn more about CCLP’s work to end sexual victimization of children, visit our website.



CCLP Kicks off Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities Certificate Program at Georgetown University


Yesterday, CCLP kicked off the Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Juvenile Justice Certificate Program, in partnership with the Center for Juvenile Justice Reform, Georgetown University, in Washington, DC. We’re excited to work with teams from all across the country over the course of this week to develop concrete strategies to create more equitable and effective youth justice systems!FullSizeRender IMG_4197 IMG_4198

Celebrating 10 Years of Juvenile Justice Advocacy, Reform, and Change

Our staff members envision a world where the response to youth who get in trouble with the law is developmentally appropriate, free of racial and ethnic bias, and focused on building strengths that help youth avoid further involvement with the justice system.

Our work is currently focused in three main areas: 1) Eliminating racial and ethnic disparities in the juvenile justice system, 2) Reducing the unnecessary and inappropriate incarceration of children, and 3) Ensuring safe and humane conditions for youth who are incarcerated in juvenile justice facilities. Our staff members pursue a range of different activities to achieve these goals, including training, technical assistance, administrative and legislative advocacy, research, writing, media outreach, and public education. Click here to learn more about our current projects.

CCLP Presents at National Convening of Youth Leaders in Justice Reform


On August 2, CCLP staff member Jason Szanyi joined NJDC’s Nadia Seeratan to present at the Coalition for Juvenile Justice 2016 Youth Summit. Thank you to CJJ and to all of the young leaders present for being champions of reform of this country’s system of youth justice!



CCLP Publishes Summary of Trends in Sexual Victimization of Youth in Juvenile Justice Facilities


In January 2016, the Bureau of Justice Statistics released two new reports on sexual victimization in juvenile justice facilities. The Center for Children’s Law and Policy has published fact sheets on both of those reports. The first fact sheet, Understanding the BJS Report on Facility and Individual Correlates of Sexual Victimization in Juvenile Facilities, summarizes a new analysis of factors that are correlated with higher rates of victimization. The second fact sheet, Understanding the 2016 BJS Report on Sexual Victimization Reported by Juvenile Facilities, summarizes findings from the Survey of Sexual Violence conducted over seven years. The BJS report found that reported rates of sexual victimization in state juvenile facilities more than doubled from 2005 to 2012. Click here to view CCLP’s advocacy toolkit on ending sexual misconduct in juvenile facilities.

Thank you for coming out to support our 10th Anniversary Celebration!


The Staff and Board of the Center for Children’s Law and Policy would like to thank YOU for coming out to support our 10th Anniversary Celebration bash last night at TheLoft@600F, for sending congratulations and for making awesome donations as we commemorated ten years of advocacy, reform and change.  We were delighted to see you – our friends, colleagues, supporters and partners – as we shared the history, milestones achieved and determination to continue to be true advocates in making the juvenile justice system in America a more fair and just system for youth, especially youth of color.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH EVENT PRESENTATION VIDEOS

We would also like to celebrate again the recipients of our first ARC Award.  This award is in recognition of one’s leadership as an ADVOCATE for youth, a champion of equitable and effective REFORM, and an agent of measurable and meaningful CHANGE for young people.

Our 2016 Award Recipients